ECO Pill

Does the engine work as a friend of the environment (eco-friendly)? Use the ECO PILL.

Use a pill. Only one pill helps you achieve better fuel efficiency, your engine is cleaner, saves your money and helps you alleviate climate change. Its name is ECO Pill and is the only solid fuel additive for both diesel and petrol engines.
Put the ECO Pill in the tank at the next fill. The product is quickly melted without creating particles that could clog the filters and automatically starts working:

  • removal of deposits inside fuel tanks
  • longer intervals between cleanings of the fuel tank, and filters remain clean longer
  • dissolve in fuel quickly and do not leave any residue that could plug-up filters
  • fuel is stabile and contains less deposited materials, there is less deposits on the bottom of the fuel
    tank, which greatly contributes to maintenance
  • they keep the injection system clean
  • eliminate engine clanging, rattling and heating up which causes carbon deposits
    products renew the engines lost power back to optimal working levels
  • drops of water within the fuel are smaller, dispersed and do not remain in the fuel tanks
  • reduction of fuel consumption
  • asphaltenes are broken down to many smaller parts so they can be dispersed through the fuel
    enabling a more complete combustion
  • reduction of fuel consumption up to 10%
  • reduction of harmful substances in exhaust gas emissions up to 62%.

ECO PILL and ECO FXO are concentrated 100% organic compounds without additives. They are
specially synthesized to overcome problems related to high asphaltene contents in modern fuels.
They do not change the molecular structure through a chemical reaction, but rather they dissolve
the agglomeration into smaller sheets of asphaltene. The effect is visible under microscope.

How do ECO PILL and ECO FXO function?
The basis of a four stroke engine is compression and expansion. Without adequate valves, there is not enough fuel compression and therefore no efficient combustion, and the explosive expansion is reduced. ECO PILL and ECO FXO restore the engine to its original state, meaning less fuel consumption and burning of the fuel in a more efficient way. 





Effects of the powder cannot cause engine malfunction, and it efficiently helps to clean the engine from deposits and resins, by gradually burning them off with fuel which leads to optimal operation within given conditions. ECO PILL and ECO FXO can quickly decrease the problem and restore optimal engine operation. It saves money on fuel and future vehicle maintenance. .
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