Eco Pill FAQ

What is ECO Pill?
ECO Pill is the only solid fuel additive available for both diesel and gasoline engines. It’s primarily a surfactant/dispersant product.

What does it do?
The ECO Pill will help you achieve better fuel efficiency, make your engine run cleaner, save you money and help you be kind to the planet. It stabilizes the fuel during long-term storage by reducing the effects of fuel oxidation. The ECO Pill also provides a protective shield against (fuel) gum buildup within the engine’s components. This ensures quick engine start-ups with less wear on the engine, saving you time and money. The ECO Pill takes only seconds to dissolve in your fuel and it won’t leave behind any damaging or clogging particles of any kind.

Where is it made?
The ECO Pill is manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Is the ECO Pill toxic for humans or for animals?
The ECO Pill is not water soluble. If ever ingested by accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. However, during combustion, the Pill is not transformed into any toxic substance of any sort and will not contribute to the formation of any toxic substances.

Are the tests recommending or supporting the ECO Pill credible?
Absolutely. All laboratory tests explaining how the product operates and confirming its performance are scientific and recognized tests from leading organizations such as SEA (Society of Automotive Engineers-Mechanical Engineers Association), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), QIRC (Quebec Industrial Research Centre), SGS, and the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). What’s more, the tests conducted in the independent labs can be easily duplicated by following the published methods. Copies of testing procedures are available upon request. Please note that the ECO Pill is a patented product.

Can the ECO Pill damage my vehicle’s catalytic converter?
No. In fact, since it improves combustion, the ECO Pill has a cleaning effect on the converter.

Can the ECO Pill be used in super unleaded gasoline?
Vehicles running on super unleaded as recommended by their owner’s manual will benefit equally from the use of the ECO Pill. Those vehicles where the owner has upgraded to super gasoline in order to cure the pinging sound or obtain better performance will also realize the benefits of the ECO Pill.

Can I use the ECO Pill in my high performance vehicle?
The higher the engine performance, the higher the stage of tune and the closer the engine tolerances are. Such an engine is much easier to foul, clog or upset its delicate balance in urban conditions. This type of vehicle could greatly benefit from the detergent action of the ECO Pill, helping it to maintain a higher state of tune resulting in a higher degree of efficiency and performance at all times.

Is the ECO Pill as effective in diesel fuel?
The ECO Pill takes longer to completely dissolve in diesel fuel without reducing its performance or efficiency. The results in terms of emissions are even more significant in diesel fuel as the smoke and particulates are both reduced.

Should the ECO Pill be used in fuel injection engines only?
Injectors are much more sensitive to buildup of deposits, which can quickly result in the loss of atomization efficiency. Carburetors, on the other hand, are more sensitive to accumulations of gums and varnishes. Therefore, both engines with carburetors and engines with injectors benefit from using the ECO Pill.

Can the use of the ECO Pill affect the warranty of my new vehicle?
No. Since it contains no metals, the ECO Pill cannot harm the engine in any way. We are covered by an insurance policy against the possibility of our product causing harm to any engine. We are very proud of our claims-free record to date.

Can the ECO Pill block fuel filters or fuel delivery pumps?

Is the size of the fuel/diesel tank important?
The ECO Pill is designed for a minimum of 15 liters and maximum 60 liters, which is its optimal concentration level.

How does the ECO Pill help me economize?
It helps through improved atomization, which ensures more complete combustion and better use of available energy as a result. The detergent action restores lost efficiency to the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption. That leads to you spending less on benzin/diesel and engine maintenance.

Is the ECO Pill used only in vehicles?
The ECO Pill provides its benefits to any internal combustion engine such as outboard motors, snow blowers, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, and more. It works equally well in two-stroke engines.