What is DTM oil stabilizer?
DTM is a 100% petroleum oil stabilizer, designed to increase the stability of oil and other lubricants. DTM improves the adhesive and cohesive qualities of your basic motor oil and other lubricants. It’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly and free of additives.

Does DTM increase engine power?
The properties of DTM help upgrade and balance compression in the cylinders and as a result, combustion is improved. The presence of DTM also allows the engine to generate superior power.

Does DTM oil stabilizer work?
Basic motor oil has limited adhesive and protective properties. DTM “stabilizes” the properties of your existing oil or lubricant. It does this by keeping your oil from prematurely deteriorating or failing under harsh operating conditions. When added to your engine, DTM forms a protective film around the oil molecules of the oil you’re currently using. DTM maintains and enhances the oil or lubricant properties while creating superior and constant lubrication that your oil does not provide alone.

Why should I use DTM
Recommended use of DTM will reduce friction and premature wear and tear of the internal parts of the differential, transmission and engine.
DTM eliminates harmful deposits, lengthens the life of the sealing joints and reduces polluting emissions.

Aren’t the lubricants I currently use good enough?
It depends on how you drive and under what temperature conditions you drive your vehicle. It would be impossible to blend specific motor oils or lubricants for every single vehicle make and model on the market today. Automotive motor oil and lubricants are designed using statistical averages on how any given vehicle class may be driven by any given driver. Therefore, basic motor oil and basic lubricants are designed to give you the protection you need in order to lubricate your vehicle based on these averages. If you want additional overall protection for your vehicle and added peace of mind, DTM is the answer.

Can DTM be used in a brand new engine?
EDTM should be used only after your first oil change, and then on a regular basis.

Will DTM save me money?
DTM continually lubricates the engine’s higher and lower parts. Your engine’s performance will be notably upgraded and the availability of fuel energy use will be increased. These upgrades will translate into fuel savings and lower maintenance costs.

Can DTM be mixed with any kind of oil?
Absolutely. DTM is compatible with all mineral-based and synthetic oils available on the market today.

Does DTM work well in cold or hot weather?
To safely start your engine in cold or hot weather, you need permanent lubrication of all engine parts. DTM is designed to reduce friction and facilitate engine turnover. So no matter what the weather is, your engine will fire up easily, even after long periods of inactivity.